EEO Training

At Webb Sanders, our first priority for corporate clients is dispute prevention.  As most employers are well aware, EEO disputes are costly and disruptive.  However, they are difficult to avoid because the employer must rely on all employees—management and non-management—to assist in fostering and maintaining a respectful and inclusive work environment.

The Best EEO Dispute Prevention is EEO Training

We believe that one of the best investments that an employer can make toward EEO dispute prevention is EEO training.  Our team of labor and employment attorneys is equipped to provide EEO training tailored to each client’s needs.  Whether it be sexual harassment training for non-management employees, ADA training for HR staff, or an update on how to handle issues surrounding transgender employees in the workplace, we work closely with our clients to ensure that their workforce is adequately trained to navigate the ever-changing EEO legal landscape.

Customized Live EEO Training

Unlike many template or one-size-fits-all training programs in the marketplace today, we create and deliver customized, live EEO training for our clients that incorporates their policies and addresses specific issues in their workplaces.