About Us

Valerie Webb and Leslie Sanders began the practice of law together at Bass, Berry & Sims, PLC in 1997 – Valerie in the Commercial section and Leslie in the Labor and Employment section. They became good friends during their time at Bass Berry.  One day over lunch, they discovered that they each had a desire to create a boutique law firm. While Leslie and Valerie each had different areas of expertise, they decided to venture out together to create the custom firm they had envisioned.

A Tailored Approach to Legal Issues

Since its inception in 2010, Webb Sanders has focused on a tailored approach to legal issues. The real estate group, led by Valerie, provides clients with a customized approach to both commercial and residential issues and mainly works from the firm’s White House, Tennessee office.

Leslie Sanders and Daniel Crowell continue to practice employment law and have moved their practice to Jackson Lewis in Nashville.